1. How long does it take for the subscription plans to be active?

It will take approximately 3 working days for the subscription plans to be active if you are within the top 5 businesses among the desired category and city and that you do not have any active subscription for the same category and city combination. If you are not within the top 5 then you get a refund. If you already have a active subscription then it will stay on hold unless the active one expires or you may claim for a refund.

2. Is GST included with the package?

No. You need to pay GST in addition while placing your order.

3. How long are the Subscription Plans valid?

Generally, all subscription plans are valid for full 1 year from the day of activation. But you should check out the respective details page for exceptions.

4. What are the Refund Policies?

To know more about the Refund policy please visit the Refund Policy section.

5. What purchase document will I get ?

You will get email confirmation for all your orders and their status.

6. What are the Payment Methods?

You can pay via Card, UPI, EMI, and other methods.

7. Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?


8. How will I get the Certificate and Memento?

You can come to the main office of 5bestincity to collect your Certificate and Memento, or we can courier the parcels to your shipping address.

9. What all platforms do you use for promotion?

We use Facebook, YouTube, and Google to promote your business in your city as well as all over the country.

10. Do you Accept EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)?

Yes, we accept EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) but only for limited customers who have subscribed a minimum Rs 50,000 or higher /Year and have previous good credit history.

11. Why do you charge differently based on different cities and businesses?

The expense of each package depends on the cost needed for promotion and other activities. For example, the expenditure on advertising is much higher than that in smaller cities.

12. You list only 5 businesses per category per city. What if my purchased subscription is not among the 5?

We will communicate with you on the mobile number you provide and as per discussion either we will place you for some other business category or we will initiate a full refund.

13. How to get Coupon Codes?

Please contact our sales executive to get coupon codes. If you are here without being in touch with any of our sales executive then call on our official phone number to get in touch with one.

14. Can I apply multiple Coupon Codes on checkout?

No. Applying multiple coupon codes on checkout is not allowed.

15. How long are Coupon codes valid for?

Coupon codes have varied lifeline. Day, week or month at most. It’s advisable to use it on the same day. Talk to our sales executive to know about the duration of the coupon code you got.

16. Will I be eligible for Refund policy after a discounted (coupon) purchase?

No. A discounted purchase is not eligible for full refund. It will be on pro-rata basis with penalty may be applicable. Please check our Refund Policy for more details.

17. How long does it take to get a refund?

We take approximate 7 working days to process a refund request. Please check out our Refund Policy for more details.

18. Where to use the Digital Certificate ?

Digital certificate can be used on your website, include in your blogs & social posts, can be printed & framed.

19. Can I modify a Digital Certificate ?

No. If you required any alteration, just inform us. If it's a justified request, we'll re-issue a fresh Digital Certifiicate to you. Modification and circulation of a Digital Certificate not authorized by 5BestINcity, will incur penalty on you.

20. What is the package upgrade procedure?

For all new businesses those who gets verified with us are kept on observation period for customer feedback, rating, visitors preference and overall performance on our website. The duration of the observation period is variable for each business / can range from 1 month to 6 months.
• During the observation period if a listed business doesn't meet our quality expectation, we reserve all rights to remove the listing with prior intimation and initiate a refund on pro-rata basis.
• If the listed business meets out quality check during the observation period, we inform the business about the same and the business get eligible to take up advance packages and services from us. In case, a business wants to upgrade package within it's current active package, then the new package cost will be adjusted with the current active package on pro-rata basis.


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